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One of the leading reasons small businesses fail is that their behind-the-scenes processes aren't scalable (able to grow with the business)? Redundancies lead to higher overhead costs which result in higher labor rates and product price markups to balance the bottom line, which can quickly outprice the competitors in the marketplace.

Streamlining Workflow

Because this is the way we've always done it ... Sound familiar? This statement makes us cringe! Old ways don't open new doors, and if you are looking to grow and maximize productivity, staying forward-thinking is key!

So where do we start? Well, good organization (the first thing to go out the door when the "real" work gets crazy), streamlining and removing redundancies (which happen easily as your business grow). And then, document the new process! This will ensure you and your team are all doing tasks the same way, saving everyone time in the long run! As your company grows, it's important to review this on a regular basis to make sure it stays up to date ... and scaleable!

How we can help ...


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  • Review of existing process(es)

  • Suggestions for change

  • Document the new process(es)


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  • Document policies, processes and procedures

  • Create forms (fillable forms if desired)

  • Employee handbooks

  • Technical procedures

Data & Software

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  • Create automated Excel spreadsheets

  • Electronic file cleanup

  • Tracking system for customer records & communication

  • New software integration assistance

  • Data migration to new software​​

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