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Conference room with white brick walls and whiteboard encouraging viewers to "Think Outside the Box"

Office Coordination

Do you find yourself working day and night but struggling to keep up with returning customer calls and getting quotes out? Are you thinking all of these Front Office tasks suck and you can't wait to hire someone to take this burden off your shoulders? If you're new in the game, it's hard to know when your workload is steady enough to justify hiring someone, especially if your business has seasonal highs and lows. So what do you do? You start, by thinking outside the box.

3D woman with globe

Good news ... that's where we come in! We are NOT a staffing agency, we are here to bridge the gap and provide a little relief until you are ready to hire that person. With over 30 years of customer service and office coordination experience, we can prepare your quotes, coordinate jobs, track down payments and stay on top of customer communications.


Of the people that leave reviews, 95% are more likely to leave a review if it's a bad one? 95%! That's a big number! One of the top complaints is poor customer service (like not responding to phone calls in a timely manner, multiple attempts to get a quote, etc.) ... and with the technology at our fingertips, a couple of bad reviews can be devastating to a small business! 

How we can help ...

Quotes & Estimates

  • Quickly respond to customer inquiries

  • Generate and send quotes / estimates

  • Quote / Estimate follow ups

  • Track win rates

Job Coordination

  • Job scheduling and coordination

  • Coordinate travel arrangements

  • Job expense tracking

  • Job follow ups

  • Send invoices and payment reminders

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